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I started Nick Bunton Photography in 2007 and I started photographing weddings in the same year. By 2009, I was also shooting portraits. I have a great passion for photography and I am very dedicated to my work. I ensure that you get the best quality photos whether taken on location or in the studio.


I use both natural and flash lighting in my photography to make sure that the images are of the best quality. I have a vast amount of experience in photographing weddings, family portraits, fashion, editorial pieces and headshots as well as corporate images. I put all my efforts in shooting and I am result oriented. I have a strong focus on lighting because it is essential in making the images high quality.

With the passion I have for photography, I love what I do and am proud of my work. I put every resource necessary toward getting the best results. I take time in every shoot for every image and every person.


Jo and Nick are a couple who make a great team and run the business Nick Bunton Photography. We work predominantly in the Essex area and surrounding counties for both wedding photography and family portraits photography. You will see the quality of our work in our portfolios.

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Our Manifesto


We believe in being different, pushing ourselfs to create the best work we can and to create individual work for each client. Recreating the same look over and over is not our idea of business or style. If you're not cookie-cutter, why should your photos be?!

Let us create you a photoshoot experience tailored to your personality and interests so that your individuality is celebrated.

You don't need anyone's permission to be extraodinary, go ahead, let your light shine!



Ten Reasons To Work With Us

Letting you be yourself

We bbelieveat great portraits showcase personality. If you're upbeat and fun, we'll focus on that during your shoot. If you're quiet and thoughtful, we'll capture you in a more contemporary style.

There sholdn't be a disconnect between who you are with your family and friends and what is shown in your portraits.

You might get dressup up more than normal, but you'll still look like the very best version of youself.

We Care

This is a special one off expereince or you, we get that! We have a high standard becasue you deserve nothing less! We care about you and your family's legacy.

Quality rather than quantity

Nobody wants 300 average photos. What you want are a collection of high quality photos that reflect who you are. We want you to have photos that you still love and want to look back at in the future.

We Give

Every year we give our time to do work with children who are unfortunate enough to get the opportunity to have a professional photoshoot. It's our way of giving something back into the community. We also do this to influence positive within the local area we live in.

Professional Editing

Every photo we take of you is carefully edited to a professional high standard. We do all our own editing in-house. We enhance the colours, background contrast, clarity and remove any unwanted blemishes. However we never over process your photos. Your skin we reamin natural and not looking like a mannequinn doll.

No Long Waiting List

You may have heard about other peoples experiences of having to wait forever to get their photos back. We're efficient and have your photos ready for viewing within two weeks. We also ensure any orderes are also completed as fast as possible as we know your be very excited to see them. If you purchase a digital collection, you will eiher be able to download it straight away or if supplied on media, we will have this to you in just a few days after ordering.

Our Style

Our style is not vintage, couture, conventional, extravagant or glam. We are modern, honest, down to earth, easy going and hard working.

Less Posed Images

We love to shoot natual, candid, informal shots that capture the real you. You will get effortless photos that make you look amazing and like you didn't try to hard.

If you are worried about posing, don't worry we support you, we know how to do that, it's our job, but we love to shoot as natural as possible.

More Than The Equipment

Every professional photographer has good equipment, yes good gear helps, but it doesn't just do the work for you and make you a great photographer.

We set ourself aside by our style, taste and how we interact with you. How we use availbale light and use additional lighting. How we utilise the outdoors and locations that we shoot at. How we process your photos in post production editing.

When you book a shoot session with us, you are not only paying for our time together, you are getting the collection of thousands of hours we spend crafting and learing our art.

A better car doesn't make a person a better driver than a top spec camera makes a better photographer.

Heirloom Products

Our prints and other products are produced on archival materials from one of the best labs available. The colour and quality are completly different from the ones you would be able to find on the high street. We include products in our collections so that your photos can be enjoyed and cherished for a lifetime.


"Portraits are one of the few things we own that gain more value as time goes on."

Our online store offers a variety of quality hairloom products such as custom designed albums, canvas wraps, professional prints and many other wall art products. This is so you can have tangible keepsakes from this important time in your life.

Additionally, many of our collections include digital as well, so that the photos are easily shareable online and convenient to use for graduation announcements, yearbooks and social media.


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