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Location family portraits give you much more colour to the background and get away from the common plain white or black backgrounds you find in almost all studio portraits.

These can be taken at a place of your choice, beach, park, woodland or even a pretty town that you love.


If you prefer studio family portraits, these can be taken at a studio that is ideally located for both of us.

Most studio portraits are taken against either a white or black background which is usually always available. Some studios offer additional colours, if you would prefer to use one of these just ask.


Our family portrait photo session cost £175 and includes a pre consultation in person or over the phone to discuss the shoot location, style and outfits.the photo shoot that takes between 1.5 - 2.5 hours, 2 - 3 outfit changes if possible and a viewing session of your beautiful portraits, that will be presented to you. Some clients spend £300, others spend £1,000 for their beautiful portraits - what you buy is entirely up to you and there is absolutely no hard sell, minimum purchase or an obligation to buy afterwards. With that being said, I always do my best to create portraits, that you'll absolutely love and don't want to be without :) Our individual portraits a'la carte start at £85 and our beautiful folio collections start at £579 and go from there.


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