Stephanie & Jordan’s Wedding

Here are some of the images we’d like to share with you that we took at Stephanie & Jordan’s wedding. They had a small informal wedding which was a really nice gathering of family and friends at the Brentwood registry office in Essex

I captured this photo of Stephanie outside the registry office with her future sister in-law. I took this photo with just available light, not using flash.

Bride and girl at wedding



This reportage capture of the bride with some of the other girls enjoying looking at photos one of them had been taking. I took this photo just using available light without flash.

Bride and girls at wedding



A capture here of the brides bouquet, those roses look beautiful…

Brides Bouquet



Now moving on into the ceremony, this is a photo of the bride and groom just before the ceremony commenced. I took this with available light in the room and not using flash that could be distracting.

Bride and Groom in Ceremony



Followed by that moment often seen when the emotions show, I always like to capture this as it’s part of them and the big day.

Bride and Groom getting married



The exchanging of the wedding rings, always an important moment to capture!  Again captured just using available light.

Exchange of rings at wedding



A lovely natural expression of happiness and relief at the end of the wedding reception.

Bride and Groom just married



A lovely capture of the bride and groom as they exit the registry office now husband and wife. This photo was captured using just available light, no flash.

Bride and groom just married



After a short walk with the bride, groom, family and friends, we got to an open park area with some trees to take the photos. Below is some we took all using available light.

Bride and groom together


A moment alone to pose the bride and groom for this capture.

Bride and groom together


I placed the bride and grooms hands together to capture both the wedding rings.

Bride and grooms hands with rings



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Nick & Jo


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